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Thermal Coal Macerals

of ‘macerals’ (organic equivalent of miner-als), minerals and water. wide between steam coal (thermal coal), used for burning in boilers, Coal Characterisation and Design for Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler in Thermal Power Plants ... reflectance of any of the various coal macerals going from the upper end of the

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To understand the relationship of the tar compositions and the coal macerals, the tars obtained from the pyroloysis and hydropyrolysis of Shenmu coal macerals …Influence of Thermal Maturity and Maceral Content of Coal Seams on In-situ Gas and its Composition at East Bokaro CBM Block, Jharkhand, IndiaThermogravimetric Characterization of Turkish Bituminous Coals for Combustion,S. KIZGUT, et al., The thermal properties of coal (e.g. ignition temperature) strongly ...Metallurgical Use of Heat Altered Coal: ... changes of the coal induced by the thermal metamorphism depend on the ... macerals of the inertinite group with ...

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